Sound insulation for doors

The recommended sound insulation values R'w +C for communication doors are as follows: (door panel with correction coefficient and losses via the frame) :

  • 30-32 dB corridor - bedroom
    30-32 dB corridor - living room
    35-37 dB bedroom - bedroom
    35-37 dB office - office - office
    37-40 dB office - conference room
    35-37 dB corridor - music room
    37-40 dB corridor- hotel room
    35-40 dB medical practice - waiting room

For apartment landing doors, the requirements of the SIA 181:2006 standard are R'w +C = 37 dB, which corresponds to doors of excellent quality, i.e. 60mm panels with an R'w +C >= 40 dB index or better, 2 joints including for the threshold and a cut-off of the screed at the threshold.